Welcome to the State of New Mexico Department of Justice - Electronic Complaint and Tip Submission application. ECS allows you to submit your complaint or tip to our office with electronic forms and helps to ensure the relevant information for your complaint/tip is submitted.


We are committed to ensuring inclusive access for all. Services such as ASL interpretation, captioning, and various assistive technologies are available upon request. If you require accommodation to submit a complaint or tip, please visit the NMDOJ Website Accessibility page.

How submission works

The application will guide you through the information required for submitting a complaint or tip by the use of a stepped process.


Below are the steps to submitting a complaint or tip. When you are ready, click the Continue button below to get started.

1. Start

Choose the type of complaint or tip, and describe the nature of your complaint/tip. To learn more about the types of complaints and tips available, see our list of complaint and tip types. If you are reporting an emergency or crime please call 911 to reach law enforcement. If your complaint concerns the abuse and neglect of a child, please call 1-855-333-SAFE [7233] or #SAFE from a cell phone.

2. Parties

Provide information about yourself, who your complaint/tip is against (person, business, public body, etc.), and any other parties to your complaint/tip.

3. Complaint/Tip Specifics

Depending on the complaint/tip type chosen, specific questions will be presented to you.

4. Transaction

If there was a transaction in which money was exchanged, provide the details of the transaction.

5. Documents

If the complaint/tip type chosen allows, you can upload up to five 10MB files along with your complaint/tip. Files accepted can be PDF, Word, or picture.

6. Review

A summary of the information provided will be presented with options for you to make changes.

7. Submit

Acknowledge the terms of submission, and submit. Your complaint/tip is not considered complete and submitted to our office until you acknowledge and submit your complaint/tip during this step 7. Below are the terms of submission you will need to acknowledge in step 7.

Acknowledgement / Declaration

Disclosure of your complaint/tip: A copy of this complaint/tip may be sent to the business/entity/agency against whom I am filing this complaint/tip. This complaint/tip is a public record, thus available under provisions of the NM Inspection of Public Records Act.

Disclosure to other entities: This complaint/tip, its content, and other information may be disclosed to other law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

DECLARATION: By submitting this form, I attest that the information in this complaint/tip is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I further understand that by submitting this form I may be called to testify as a witness in this matter.

The State of New Mexico Department of Justice cannot give legal advice regarding this complaint/tip and will not act as your personal attorney. If you have questions regarding your rights please contact a private attorney.

Submission of a complaint/tip is not confirmation that an investigation will be initiated.

Upon submission, you will be provided a reference number and a printable report for your records.

Save progress

At any time, you can save your progress.

Start your complaint or tip

Start the Complaint and Tip Submission wizard to submit to our office. To begin please solve the captcha below.