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Additional Help

If you need additional help, please contact us at: or
(505) 717-3500 or
1-844-255-9210 or
When contacting us, please include (or have ready) your FEIN and charity name so we can assist you properly.


NM Charitable Organization Registration Online System (NM-COROS)

Charitable organizations which exist, operate or solicit contributions in New Mexico are required, by law, to register with the Office of the Attorney General and to submit financial reports on a yearly basis. There are no fees involved to register. See our Charity Registration FAQ

Attention Charities

The Charity Registrar handles a high volume of requests for assistance with the registration and reporting functions under NM-COROS. We will respond in the order in which requests are received. Emails to are highly preferred to calls. If you contact us prior to your deadline for reporting to us, you will not be penalized by our office if your registration or reports are late because of our extended response time.

If you have a grant deadline or similar urgent matter, please put that in the subject line of your email sent to We will give those emails priority so that organizations may be assisted in time to meet their deadlines.

Thank you for your patience.

Extension of the due date in which to submit registration must be requested through the Home and Status page of NM-COROS. No Exceptions! Questions About IRS Extended Filing Deadlines? Visit for more information.


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